Friday, September 14, 2012

Trips Trips and More Trips!

Soo, it's been a while since Shan or I have posted. Things are busy around here!
Shan just left for a nice long vacation to several states, and I just got home from my vacation to Wisconsin.

Here's how my trip was:

First of all, it was amazing! :) I absolutely loved spending time with my parents.
We did some exploring and found some breathtaking views.

We took walks in the rain with broken umbrellas, trekked through gusts of wind and rain to take pictures of light houses, walked on the beach of the beautiful Lake Michigan, laughed until we cried while swinging as the sun set,  watched butterflies in the sand, and well, just had a splendid time. :)

My mom and I especially had some very special, tear-filled moments. I love the special relationship we share. We encourage and challenge each other, share our hearts and fears, pray for one another, and then...then next moment we are dancing and making silly faces having the best of times. :) My mother is truly a one of a kind and amazing woman.

So here are some fun shots from these past week:

More of my fav shots to come later after I edit! :) And maybe Miss Shannon will have some lovely pictures from her adventures soon