Friday, August 2, 2013

Dear Today,

Dear Today,
I will be adding things to the  "to do" list that have already been done...just so I can mark something off. Hope that's ok, because it makes me feel better about you.

Good tunes, God tunes, are absolutely necessary to keep my heart from being mad at you...after all, you are Friday...and well, you're not living up to your good reputation. I'm a little hurt. But no worries, I'll be over it in a few short hours...

(There should probably be a thank you added in here somewhere to Spotify for providing the hours of de-stress, refocus, don't hang up on people, it's ok because God is good even if today day isn't music... HUGE help!, thanks!)

Oh and remember that post about trust...the one about deeper waters...turns out, waters can get deep reeeaaaal fast. Know what I mean? It's a good thing I had that reminder and I can see all of this as a trust exercise. :)

It helps me to know that when many things are going wrong, I can count on there being many more that are right. So that makes it all OK. I know God is bigger, God is better, and  I know tomorrow is brighter. (Unless it's rainy, in which case it would be AWESOME!)