Sunday, March 3, 2013

Brie Fig and Apple Bruschetta

This weekend my mother and I threw a baby shower for a dear friend of mine. I will post about that another time, but for now I thought I would share the favorite dish from the party.

I got the idea from a beautiful little restaurant called Postinos. They have the most amazing variety of Bruschetta, my favorite being the Fig Brie and Apple.

I decided to replicate this delicious little apetizer for the shower. It was so easy and a huge hit!

Here's what you need:
-French Baguette 
-Fig Jam (Can be hard to find, I buy mine at Fresh and Easy)
-Green Apples

Slice the bread to your desired thickness. Since we were going for bite-sized, we went with about 1/4 inch thick. Then toast under the broiler.

Slice of a sliver of brie and smear onto each slice of toasted bread. (back of a spoon works splendidly!)
Next, spread a small amount of fig jam on top of the brie. (This is a bit sweet, so don't overdo it.)

Finally, slice the green apple fairly thin and place on top.

Viola!! Delicious little appetizers! The tart green apple and sweet fig are the perfect complement to the creamy, buttery Brie. Ah so good! I may need to make some more after looking at these photos!
We cut ours into smaller pieces and served with tooth picks for ease, but they work great as a large appetizer as well.

Hope you enjoy!

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