Friday, March 15, 2013

5 Things About Shannon

Last week, Court tagged me in her post,  5 things about Courtney, so I'm here to share 5 things about Shannon! Here we go!

1. When I was 10, my dad made me join the church's kid's basketball league. I lasted all of 20 minutes before asking if I could not play on the league. Sad day :(

2. I love Starbucks!! My drink is a tall, extra hot, 1.5 pump vanilla latte. For anyone out there wondering. The 1.5 pump part is the most important of all! Too much syrup if its the whole 3 pumps; and that ruins it!

3. I can't STAND it when people pop their gum over and over, yet don't mind when I do it myself. I know thats not really fair, but its the truth!

4. One time, I got a traffic ticket for cutting off a motorcycle cop. When he pulled me over, I still had no idea why he pulled me over. Epic Fail.

5. I love all things Disney. You name a disney movie from my childhood and most likely, I will know the words to all the songs. Is this a useful talent? Not really. But it sure is fun!

Well, thats all for now! Hope everyone is having an awesome start to their weekend!



  1. You're adorable and I miss your sweet face.

  2. Aww...thanks Tab!! I miss you too!! Hoping to come out to visit in May though so hopefully I will see you then :)

    Love you!