Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 Things about Courtney

I have been tagged in the "five things" fad that's going around by the lovely Kerri! So fun!

So, here we go, here are are 5 random things about Courtney:

1. When I was in seventh grade, I really wanted to be an interior designer. I decided I would go to the Art Institute in San Fransisco to study in their Interior Architect and Design program. I even called them and spoke with admissions advisers...when they found out I was in the 7th grade they kindle told me to call back when I was a Jr. in high school and removed me from their mailing list. I still love interior design, although I didn't go to school for it. :)

2. I love the color pink...and that was difficult for me to accept for a long time. I, for many years, said purple was my favorite color, more out of habit and the fact that it was as close to pink as I could get without being the typical girly favorite. About 2 years ago I gave in and decided pink was my I surround my self with all shades and I love it. :) embrace the pink! It's fabulous! (although I do not typically wear pink clothing...not great for the skin tones..

3.  I hate flyers...not sure why but I get really annoyed when people try to hand me a piece of paper...even if it has valuable information on it...I usually turn it down.

4. I once got me knee stuck in a fence. I was trying to show off (because it's cool to stick your leg through a fence?? don't worry I was 7). After butter, oil, water, and lotion...they finally....took the fence down, that baby wasn't budging. Good one Court. That fence and I weren't on good terms anyways ,after it broke open my head...another time perhaps.

5. Finally and most importantly, I  LOVE CHEESE. It's true...favorite food, cheese wins every time. I eat it everyday. I love cheese so much my friends have actually bought me cheese as a birthday was awesome! It feels nice to be known ;)

OK, that's it....Now I am going to tag  Shan, Bex, Libby, and Sarah

Have fun ladies!!

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  1. i love these little 5 fact things. the flier thing, very cute :) it's the worst when it's on your car window and such!

    xoxo linds
    my style blog :: Ruby Girl