Monday, July 30, 2012

The One With The Stripes

This week's topic of choice: God's faithfulness. Every Thursday night for the past 3 years an amazing group of women have come together to share in the Word. Over those 3 years, God has done many, many things, and it never ceases to amaze us. The past few weeks we have seen prayer after prayer answered. This week was no exception. Normally after we conclude our discussion we draw numbers to pair off with prayer partners. This week we felt lead to stay in one group and lift each others' needs up together. It was powerful to say the least. The best part was the next day when we started seeing those prayers answered. And let us tell ya, when God answers prayers, He doesn't just answer a little better expect the floodgates to open. One of the prayers in particular God moved in such a way that He provided above and beyond what any of us had ever expected. We love seeing how God provides for His beloved children. Ephesians 3:20 says,
"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think." Two things stand out about this verse. The first is that the mighty power of God is at work in when we pray, God us working in and through us...second when we ask, He will always do more. 
Be encouraged that God hears your prayers. Also we encourage you to find a people around you that you can trust to come together in agreement for your needs. Where two or three are gathered, God shows up!

If you are interested in learning what our hearts are when it comes to small groups/Bible studies like this one, here are some articles we wrote for Angelic Magazine back in May:
Courtney's article
Shannon's article

Last week, we were feeling kind of stripey :

Shan Wore:
Striped Dress: H & M      Pink Cardy: Last Chance (a.k.a. the mothership)

                         Bow Shoes: Ross (Fav's)  Bangles: Gifted

Shan doesn't mind dressing like a a 3 year old, it gives her more reasons to twirl in public :) (one of her favorite past times)

Court Wore:
Asymmetrical Stripy  Dress: Ross       Red Top:  Thrifted      Sunnies: Forgot :)
 Court looking off into the Sunset...very dramatic.

Heart Necklace: Thrifted   Purity Ring: Amazon


Shan likes to smile, Court...makes silly faces (they're my specialty...or more like my awkwardness)

Thanks for reading! Hope your encouraged to pray about your needs, and to find fun outfits that make ya smile.

C & S

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just Peachy

"Behold, the former things have come to pass and new things I now declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them" - Isaiah 42:9

In a weekly Bible Study that Courtney and I are a part of, we learned that quite a few of the ladies in the group are in need of changes. A lot of needs or desires for jobs, and just all around direction in general. It was actually really interesting how many ladies had this in common. After our weekly meeting, I came upon this scripture in Isaiah. It just jumped out at me ( love it when that happens)! We need to declare the future things that God has put on our hearts! Whether it be something God has already promised you, a dream job or future family ect..; we need to speak of these dreams now as if they are already here. We need to declare them :) 

One of the definitions of the word "declare" is to make known or state clearly, especially in explicit or formal terms. So I challenge you to try it this week. Speak out specific things you are believing for as if they have already come to pass. I know this is what I will be working on this week :) 

 Ok, now for a short story about this pretty peach top I have :)

I know what you're thinking. "She really loves that headband". I tend to go through weeks of LOVING a certain piece of clothing or accessory and apparently I was not quite over the headband during this little photo shoot. But just don't worry about it :) We're not talking about the headband ( although it is still a favorite).

This outfit is kind of special to me because the shirt
(which is one of my all time favorites this summer) was a gift from my friend Charal for my birthday :). She was one sneaky friend! I was going to go shopping for a new outfit for my birthday dinner a couple months back and at the last minute, she asked if she could come. During our shopping excursion, I found this lovely top along with a gorgeous silky maxi skirt at a store called Cotton On over at Arrowhead Towne Center. (Lovely little place!). Well after much thought and visiting many stores, I decided to make the purchase only to discover that my friend had given the store clerk her credit card ahead of time. I never saw it coming!

That was just another blessing I received in a moment where I really needed it. Good friends are such a blessing :)

Much love,

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A C I D denim

 This week I have been pondering Joy and its wonderful explosion of goodness in our lives. It is truly amazing what changes when you choose to have Joy...and yes I did say choose. Many people think that they cannot have joy unless their circumstances produce it/allow for it, but in Christ, we can have Joy whenever we choose. Having a joyous heart changes the way we see things, the way react to things, even the way we believe.
In Nehemiah 8 the people have just come out of Exile and are being read the Law. They are grieving and wailing because they don't understand. In verse 10 Nehemiah says to them, "Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is sacred to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”
This verse stood out to me because in the midst of their confusion and frustration, they were a mess. They were likely hearing the same lies from the enemy that we all hear at times. Lies about being worthless, lies about being stupid for not understanding, lies about being cast out because you failed God...etc. But this verse holds the key. If we have God's joy, then why would we ever trade that in for the insecurity, fear, and defeat that Satan is offering? So, hold fast the Joy that only comes from God...let His Joy bring strength to you in whatever circumstance you find yourself.

Today's photos make me happy. One of my favorite pieces in my closet is this shredded denim vest by ACIDdenim. The designer of this fun and hip line of refashioned denim happens to be a very dear friend of mine. (She's pretty much amazing!) Although still young, Sarah is making her dreams happen. In addition to her own line, Sarah and her parents have an amazing little thrifty boutique...check it out! : L.E.A.Consignment & Boutique. Oh and she has a super fun Style Journal here.  :) 

White Sundress:  Thrifted        Vest:  ACID denim     Neon Belt:  Thrifted

Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!


Sunday, July 22, 2012


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This event is two and a half years in the making. This is a BIG deal. Two and a half years ago Shan, myself and our friend Christina made plans to try the famous LoLo's chicken and waffles. Yet time and time again, something came up. Last December we made plans and jubilantly arrived at LoLo's, walked inside only to find out that they had just closed (it was a little past 4). We were devastated to say the least. So devastated, in fact, that it took us another 6 months to try again.
Well folks, we finally made it. I (Courtney) loved the waffles...and loved the chicken...wasn't so crazy about them together. It was probably the texture of the chicken on my waffle more than anything. I did love the sweet tea though, yum! I (Shannon) surprisingly loved the combination of friend chicken, waffles, and syrup. Coming from a girl who won't even let waffles and eggs touch at breakfast, this was kind of a big deal. I found it unbelievably yummy. The coolaid was pretty good too.

 No matter what we all thought about the food, we can all agree that the fellowship was the best part of this outing. Christina is a beautiful woman of God, and we both love any opportunity to see her heart. Whether it's girl talk, shop talk, or something a little deeper, we always walk away encouraged, challenged and uplifted. Love you Christina!

What Court wore: 
Top: Forever21         Skirt: Thrifted

Sandals: Forever21
What I love most about this outfit is the colorful skirt and the fun bracelets. I have been known to wear black everyday, so I am working that out of me by purposely buying colorful pieces. (Like this fun skirt). The first bracelet (the turquoise one) is a Native American piece that my Grandmother wore and passed on to me. The beaded bracelet is from the Watoto Children's Choir . The leather bracelet I made in Junior high. :)

 What Shan Wore:

Top: Forever21   Skirt: Gap Outlet
Belt: Thrifted (Express)
Shoes: Ross (Favorite Shoes EVER)
 This outfit is an example of one of my favorite kinds of outfits. Give me a flouncy skirt and a big thick belt and I'm a happy girl. The red belt is really one of my favorite purchases ever and I use it all the time. The polka-dot shirt sat in my closet for almost a year before I could find an outfit to put with it. Just goes to show, always think twice before getting rid of a piece. You never know when you're going to need it. 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Lost in love and I don't know much..."

OK so the title of this blog will likely not register with many readers...other than my mother. It is an Air Supply song from the late 70's early 80's. They are the best cheesy love songs... :) (everyone needs their cheesy band to love)

Anyways..that first portion and the title really have nothing to do with my post today other than the fact that the word love is in it....I tend to think of a word and out comes a song with that word...this is what happened this morning. My post is about Love, and while the song is a good one, the kind of love I am pondering lately is far richer and greater than the love described in the ballad.

Sunday morning I was reading about God's love and the next thing I know over an hour and a half had flown by as I was captivated by the Love of God. I read a quote that I have read everyday since that causes my heart to search and seek.
G.G. Findlay wrote:
 "Love towards God (and Christ) renovates and purifies the heart, inspires a 
 constant self-devotion, and makes the perfect vision of God the object of
 fervent anticipation. To cherish this love to the Father is to live as one 
who has 'learnt Christ', it is to follow in His steps, 
with certainty of arriving where He is." 
What a challenging quote. God's love has changed my life...but it doesn't stop there. Every single day that I allow...God's love still changes my heart. It is a life-long process...a life long renovation of my heart's condition. I love that. "The perfect vision of God"....a "fervent anticipation"...and I seeking out the true God, or am I placing my own visions and expectations on Him? Oh but I love the certainty of knowing that I am in Christ and will one day be where He is. 
That is where my Joy comes from everyday.

OK, that was a little long, so if you made it all the way through, I thank you, and I hope that you were challenged by it too.
And now on to a less serious topic...that of a cheery little yellow dress:

The Happy Dress: Thrifted      Over Thing: Also Thrifted  

PS...The yellow dress was almost ruined by a bright pink article of clothing that found it's way into the "lights" wash cycle...I couldn't bear to part with it (since I had yet to wear it when it happened) so I turned the dress around and wore this long coverup. It covered the stain perfectly, and allowed me to wear the new dress without looking like a stained mess! :) 

Sprakling Belt: Target       Sandals: Forever21 (A little in love)    Leather Bracelet: MADE! (In jr high!! it has my initials! :) )

AND that is all she wrote...for today :)

Girl in the sunshiny dress.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Ok, I am sure you all are dying to know why in the world this post is entitled, "Shanbo". There are a select few out there in this great big world who are privileged enough to know the story behind that. Well, I will tell you all its a nick name given to me by my very good friend, Lindsay. Whenever I wear this headband, I am called "Shanbo" ( not to be confused with Rambo). Rambo also wears a headband which is why I earned this brilliant nick name. But my headband is soooo much cuter than what he wears. Don't you think?

Pink cardigan: Last Chance ( Beautiful place);
Gray tank top: Hand me down (those are the best);
Sparkly rosebud headband: Spain ( I speak the truth).

Last year, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to a couple cities in Spain with my family. I found this headband in a small accessories store in Madrid. I have to say, out of all the trinkets I got on that trip, this little headband is probably my favorite. It just makes me smile :)

"Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart" - Psalm 37:4

You know what is so amazing about God? He loves us so much, that He longs to speak life to our hearts. He wants to give us the things that will make us smile, jump for joy and even giggle.

He is also a God of detail.
Every little detail.
Even a sparkly, rosebud headband :)

I can be having a rough day and just look up and see a beautiful sunset, or a friend surprises me with my favorite drink from Starbucks or I find just the perfect accessory for a new outfit. I believe God is in it all. He longs to give me the tiniest details of the desires of my heart. And that just makes me smile :)

Today as you take off for wherever it is that you are going, take time to notice the little things that make you smile. Maybe God is behind it speaking some life to your heart :)

Much love,

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday's Best

This week we went to church on Saturday night...that meant a lovely day of sleeping in (for Shan...Courtney took her parents to the airport bright and early), and shopping!
We enjoyed some lovely sales at Ulta (Ulta brand makeup is dirt cheap until the 28th so hurry over!). Some new fun shades found their way into our nail polish fun!

And this is how we shop:

Shan wore:

Mint Shorts: H&M       Tee: Gap        Sandals: Ross   

         Bengals: Gifted            Clutch: Target (on sale..score!)


 These mint shorts are my purchase of the summer and my attempt at being trendy. H&M is one of my favorite stores for cheap and up and coming styles.

Court wore:

 Heart Tee: Forever21       Long Flowy Over-Thingy: Thrifted     Skinnies: Thrifted

                   Sandals....Ring...Earrings: Forever21

I taught Shan how to free-lens! This was her first attempt...Super proud! :)

It isn't often that I wear super casual clothes...this is about as casual as I will get. But I do love this outfit. It is super comfy and easy to throw on. WAY too hot though for Phoenix...I was dying taking these pics outside! I also love the jewelry with this outfit. Specifically the brown leather bracelet, which is actually an old watch from a thrift store. (If doesn't work but is great as a bracelet.)

The Word:

Our day of shopping was beyond fun...but it pales in comparison to the second part of the day. Sunday night, after we were all tuckered out from shopping, we had a second wind (with the help of a healthy dose of caffeine of course) we made our way to our favorite service of the week. Pastor Ben tore it up with a message about the "Palace test" of Joseph. Joseph went through a lot, and ended up being blessed and prosperous in everything he second command in Potipher's house...and then later even when in prison he gained respect and power. So what is the key to being prosperous? Great quesiton you ask...the answer? (in a sweet condensed version) Hear the Word of God and gain Faith, the faith will drive us to Obey and our obedience allows us to walk in the Presence of God always. God is prosperous, so when we walk with Him, we are too. Good word.

And with that we say "au dieu".... you and you and you...dodo do do do dodo dodo do... (we're singing to you incase you didn't catch that)


Friday, July 13, 2012


Jeremiah 2:32 NIV
"Does a maiden forget her jewelry,
a bride her wedding ornaments?
Yet my people have forgotten me,
days without number."

This Scripture is what inspired this blog for me. God asked me to give up jewelry for a while this year, asking me to let him be my adornment.  I prayed about it a lot and God brought me to this Scripture in Jeremiah. How many days go by where I leave my home without having even acknowledged Him,  let alone take Him with me into my day? ...yet not a day goes by where I don't take the care to put on a cute outfit and jewelry  and make sure my hair and makeup look good. It is breaking God's heart. He so desires to be with us all day every day and he will not unless we take the time to invite Him to do so. I was challenged to make Him my first adornment...anything else can come later and without vanity when my focus is on Him not me or my clothes. The desire to blog in a way that points to God while using the creativity He gave to connect with other people is the result.

Blogging is such a great part of our culture today...well, it CAN be such a great part. It can also be a slippery slope to comparison, jealousy, and discontentment. I love how blogging makes you feel so connected to so many different people.Yet when you look in on their posts you are really truly only seeing what they choose to show you about their life. To help me remember this, and to always keep my focus first on My Heavenly Savoir, I want this blog to be dedicated to Him, then to whatever avenues in life He uses to make me (and Shan of course) smile. They are  all blessing from Him, so why not share? 

OK here is what I wore this Thursday while spending some lovely time with my family.
(Props and thanks to mamma for taking the pics! You're the bestest!)

Top: Forever21   Shorts: Thrifted   Sandals: Target

Sunnies: Ross (Steve Madden)  Necklaces: ...Mamma's :)   Earrings: Forever21

 Thanks for reading and have a FANTASTIC weekend!!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday's Best

This week at church we had a guest speaker from Coastline Church in Carlsbad CA named Aaron Jayne. His message was titled "The Secret of John" so good. This was a life changing message about learning to see life through Jesus' love for us, rather than our love for Him. Pastor Aaron pointed out the differences in Peter's walk and John's walk with Christ. Peter was constantly acting out of His love for Jesus, yet never quite measuring up. John, on the other hand referred to himself as "the one whom Jesus loved..." always focusing his actions through Christ's love for Him instead. Wow...what a powerful lesson. The more we live in Christ's love for us, the more we see God in every bit of our lives. We no longer feel the need to measure up, because we are loved no matter what, and our actions come out of that perfect love, rather than our limited love. If you would like to listen to this amazing message, you can do so here.

The next best thing about Sunday is getting to where our Sunday's Best...hence the name of this post.

So here goes:

Shannon wore:
Blouse: H&M       Skirt: Thrifted (Old Navy)        Shoes: Gifted

Bracelets: Gifted              Watch: Michael Kors

Flower: H&M

This is good example of creating an entirely new outfit out of pieces you've had for a while. I am finally warming up to the idea of mixing browns and blacks and it being ok. :) 
(Courtney says you pulled it off! )

Courtney wore:

Dress: Thirfted (Vera Wang) ... original post where I bought it.

   Bracelet: Thrifted         Watch: Amazon (Invicta)

          Necklace: Charming Charlie (clearance)

Shoes: Target

This is my new FAVORITE dress... The under layer is jersey material, so it is oh so comfy! And it is perfect for that day when you are running late and don't have time to think up an outfit!

Well, that's how our Sunday went down! Many more posts to come about what God's bringing to our church, and what outfits we are sportin'.

Courtney & Shannon