Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday's Best

This week we went to church on Saturday night...that meant a lovely day of sleeping in (for Shan...Courtney took her parents to the airport bright and early), and shopping!
We enjoyed some lovely sales at Ulta (Ulta brand makeup is dirt cheap until the 28th so hurry over!). Some new fun shades found their way into our nail polish fun!

And this is how we shop:

Shan wore:

Mint Shorts: H&M       Tee: Gap        Sandals: Ross   

         Bengals: Gifted            Clutch: Target (on sale..score!)


 These mint shorts are my purchase of the summer and my attempt at being trendy. H&M is one of my favorite stores for cheap and up and coming styles.

Court wore:

 Heart Tee: Forever21       Long Flowy Over-Thingy: Thrifted     Skinnies: Thrifted

                   Sandals....Ring...Earrings: Forever21

I taught Shan how to free-lens! This was her first attempt...Super proud! :)

It isn't often that I wear super casual clothes...this is about as casual as I will get. But I do love this outfit. It is super comfy and easy to throw on. WAY too hot though for Phoenix...I was dying taking these pics outside! I also love the jewelry with this outfit. Specifically the brown leather bracelet, which is actually an old watch from a thrift store. (If doesn't work but is great as a bracelet.)

The Word:

Our day of shopping was beyond fun...but it pales in comparison to the second part of the day. Sunday night, after we were all tuckered out from shopping, we had a second wind (with the help of a healthy dose of caffeine of course) we made our way to our favorite service of the week. Pastor Ben tore it up with a message about the "Palace test" of Joseph. Joseph went through a lot, and ended up being blessed and prosperous in everything he second command in Potipher's house...and then later even when in prison he gained respect and power. So what is the key to being prosperous? Great quesiton you ask...the answer? (in a sweet condensed version) Hear the Word of God and gain Faith, the faith will drive us to Obey and our obedience allows us to walk in the Presence of God always. God is prosperous, so when we walk with Him, we are too. Good word.

And with that we say "au dieu".... you and you and you...dodo do do do dodo dodo do... (we're singing to you incase you didn't catch that)



  1. Very well done girls. I found it very informative and I'm not even a 20 something lady(pictures help). - Ben

  2. Awesome blog! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :) x

    /Malin @

    1. Thanks Malin! We will look you up on Bloglovin :)