Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Grace has Bob's dead wife's heart!"

Saturday, you lovely day you!

Each and every Saturday that we are able we have Pancake Saturday. It's pretty much one of the best days of the week. This Saturday while eating our delicious pancakes, we watched Return to Me...if you have never seen this movie, I highly suggest you make plans to. It's a lovely, humorous, tear jerker, love story with one of the sweetest of endings...ahh, so good. (PS that's where we got the title for today's blog...not so random :) )

After we dried our tears, we went thrifting at our favorite thrift store. Here's a peak at our time:

 Courtney's Purchases:

This lovely little Vera Wang dress
was $2.00!!

And this pretty flowy blouse was only $1.50!
Gotta love 50% off of cheap...(that's really cheap!)

Shannon's Purchases:

This lovely little lace top was a mere $1.50,
this will be perfect tucked in to a cute skirt.

These skinny jeans by Bitten (Sarah Jessica Parker) were $4.00 and in perfect condition.

This adorable black Banana Republic top was also $1.50 and could easily go with a flowy skirt or skinny jeans.

We were thankful to have a Saturday filled with small blessings. So often we are so busy that we don't have time to enjoy the little things (like pancakes and chick flicks). This Saturday was a great example of God giving us an opportunity for rest and relaxation.

Stay tuned to later blogs to see how we wore our new finds!

C & S


  1. What thrift store is this? I must go!

  2. You ladies have such good eyes for a bargain. I am loving the blog, can't wait to see the outfits, and hear about the blessing of the Lord!