Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Lost in love and I don't know much..."

OK so the title of this blog will likely not register with many readers...other than my mother. It is an Air Supply song from the late 70's early 80's. They are the best cheesy love songs... :) (everyone needs their cheesy band to love)

Anyways..that first portion and the title really have nothing to do with my post today other than the fact that the word love is in it....I tend to think of a word and out comes a song with that word...this is what happened this morning. My post is about Love, and while the song is a good one, the kind of love I am pondering lately is far richer and greater than the love described in the ballad.

Sunday morning I was reading about God's love and the next thing I know over an hour and a half had flown by as I was captivated by the Love of God. I read a quote that I have read everyday since that causes my heart to search and seek.
G.G. Findlay wrote:
 "Love towards God (and Christ) renovates and purifies the heart, inspires a 
 constant self-devotion, and makes the perfect vision of God the object of
 fervent anticipation. To cherish this love to the Father is to live as one 
who has 'learnt Christ', it is to follow in His steps, 
with certainty of arriving where He is." 
What a challenging quote. God's love has changed my life...but it doesn't stop there. Every single day that I allow...God's love still changes my heart. It is a life-long process...a life long renovation of my heart's condition. I love that. "The perfect vision of God"....a "fervent anticipation"...and I seeking out the true God, or am I placing my own visions and expectations on Him? Oh but I love the certainty of knowing that I am in Christ and will one day be where He is. 
That is where my Joy comes from everyday.

OK, that was a little long, so if you made it all the way through, I thank you, and I hope that you were challenged by it too.
And now on to a less serious topic...that of a cheery little yellow dress:

The Happy Dress: Thrifted      Over Thing: Also Thrifted  

PS...The yellow dress was almost ruined by a bright pink article of clothing that found it's way into the "lights" wash cycle...I couldn't bear to part with it (since I had yet to wear it when it happened) so I turned the dress around and wore this long coverup. It covered the stain perfectly, and allowed me to wear the new dress without looking like a stained mess! :) 

Sprakling Belt: Target       Sandals: Forever21 (A little in love)    Leather Bracelet: MADE! (In jr high!! it has my initials! :) )

AND that is all she wrote...for today :)

Girl in the sunshiny dress.

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