Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's all in your Perspective

Well hello there :)
It's been a while since I posted...sad day :(

Because of that, I have several random pictures I wanted to post that may not necessarily all go together completely. They are all things have either been a part of my world lately or something God has been teaching me. Take a look!

New Discoveries:

Ok, so one of the best things about being in a new city for me is that I don't know every street or beautiful place to visit. I love taking different roads home each day from work and just getting lost in a different part of the city that I've never seen before. I stumbled upon this lake that way. Just driving around one day. It was absolutely the most peaceful place to just stumble upon. I love being around a different kind of landscape and just seeing a different kind of beauty that God created with just as much detail as what I grew up around but SO different. These other pictures are of a nature preserve that I am now in love with. So much green!

New Memories:

I am thankful for new friendships and memories. I miss all of my close friendships in AZ so much. And I can get quite sad about it if I think about it too much. The other day though, I was thinking about how much I missed everyone and then God gently reminded me how He has blessed me with some pretty awesome friendships here too. So I'm blessed twice as much! Amazing, life-long friendships at home in Phoenix and now new friendships here in Dallas. What an amazing perspective! 

Oh, I shouldn't have!
Ok, this may not be super exciting to all of you, but i was so excited about this find. I actually bought this bow necklace for a friend but then decided I needed one too :) 
Completely smile worthy!!

And lastly,

I couldn't say this better myself. God has been working on me lately with my attitude. It's funny because many times, I know I have an icky attitude about something going on but no one else really can tell because I just seem quiet. But God still knows my attitude regardless of whether others notice. This little graphic is on my iPad to remind me that its ALWAYS a good day to have a good day :) We are all blessed and highly favored so let's act like it. The amazingly wise Courtney Rose always says she doesn't have the luxury of having a bad day. She's just too blessed. Such an essential perspective.

Well, that what has been going on in my world lately. Hope you all have a fabulously blessed weekend!


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