Thursday, July 14, 2016

Heart In Hand

Ode to you a friend of old,
And to the new beginning.
Time has passed and you have too,
that's just memory in the making.
At once you began with heart in hand
ready to unfold.
Secret dreams of flight and flourish
spoken to existence.
Each step of faith with one to follow
only brought us closer to this end.
At glance it seemed not much was left,
with inspection truth arose.
Much was lost, but much more gained
as days peddled into year.
A tale of firsts that brought much glory
would be this story's header.
Pages filled with life and love,
as visions became reality.
You once did say that in the end,
The will of God prevails.
A story then of victory,
is what we have to speak.
For the hand of God hath covered us,
we are but on our knees.
Humbled at the chance for part,
in the mystery of His plan.
I am at rest to begin once more,
another year with heart in hand.
I offer to Him my everything,
and ask but one request.
"Take each breath, each step,each word,
and use them for Your Glory."

Written January 7, 2012

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