Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Beginnings

I have been thinking lately a lot about this blog...about writing.
It has sort of felt like an old shoe that no longer fits properly. I have written SO many posts over the past few years that have sat in this indefinite draft state, never seeing the light of day.
I have a lot to say, a lot to write...yet a combination of fear, and timing, and also just not knowing has silenced me, caused me to lose my voice.
So many thoughts swirl around in my head every time I begin to write...and today I decided to just stop.
Just stop over thinking...stop letting fear or anything else hold me back.

I need a fresh start, a new beginning....but I do not want to lose what I have already started here.

So in time, I will be changing this blog's name to something that fits the new direction. I will be adding different content from a previous blog that I mostly wrote poetry in years ago and writing new stuff too. I want a single place where I can just share whatever is on my heart be it a devotional, a funny story, a song, a poem, a picture, whatever.

Stay tuned for more...or don't, that's ok too. :)

I'll start by sharing a poem I wrote several years ago that has been on my heart lately.
This year God has challenged me so much regarding my faith...what I believe my purpose is here on earth, and where He is desiring to use me. I always come back to this sense of mis-direction.
The idea of how easy it is for believers to be in their own little world, not truly doing Kingdom work.

We attend church, we worship, we read our Bibles and that's all good...but that's not all we are called to. When back in the world (our families, our jobs, our spheres of influence), we ignore the issues that are around us, we ignore the pain and the lost state of the people around us.

We lose focus, so easily forgetting that our gaze ought to be on Jesus...YES...but that HIS gaze, is on the dying world and that His desire is to have their gaze too.
He wants them, just as He wanted you.
He died for them, just as He died for you.
And more than that...we forget that we have a role to play in helping them to see Him.

Empty Space
written March 18, 2010

Deep blue sea of restless
beating, angry waves
they crash all around me
and I seem un-phased
the darkness that surrounds me
I have began to see
as a distant thing once noticed
now not the place for me

The world cries out in anger
in pain, in fear, in shame
I cry out to you
yet never give them your name
I say you are the answer
to everything wrong in me
yet I sit back and watch them
slowly bleed in misery

So if my loud, long worship
is drowning out their cries
then is it still as pleasing
if it is not saving lives?
let this life not be one wasted
on selfish, greedy thinking
instead a life of sowing
planting and even growing

Your kingdom stands at risk
of having empty space
I don't want to be distracted
by simply staring at your face
My gaze must turn from your sweet face
to a heart broken and torn
for a world that is lost and seeking
needing to be warned.

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