Monday, October 29, 2012

No Plans Saturday

We Love No Plans Saturday

Every once in a Blue Moon, we both have a completely unplanned Saturday.
We make Pancakes, and then do whatever we want. 
It's bliss.

We like to start our Saturdays in our own quiet time with God. 
There's nothing like sitting down after a long work week in the quietness of God's presence.
In reflecting we are reminded of an old song we used to sing at church that goes like this:
"In the secret in the quiet place. 
In the stillness You are there.
In the secret in the quiet hour I wait, only for you
I want to know you more."
Those early Saturday morning devotions are where we find who God is in our daily lives.
He is real, He is present, and He loves spending time with us.
This particular Saturday Shannon was on a mission to find boots.
After devotions, and pancakes,
we headed to the legendary  Last Chance.
For those of you who may not know, this is the Outlet to Nordstroms.
Discontinued and returned items all end up at this lovely little hole in the wall store.
 This means lots of good deals if you are willing to fight through the crowds of clawing women, 
and dig to find your perfect prize. 
Unfortunately, this means that some trips are a bust and you walk home empty handed.
Such was our fate this trip. 
None the less, we had blast and made our way to Nordstroms to sip on coffee 
and gawk and clothes we cannot buy.
It was a perfectly perfect day of window shopping.

Here is what we wore:


This is a prime example of "Fall" in Phoenix. 
It really wasn't cool enough for a scarf, but my stubborn self is done with this heat.
(We tend to ignore the blistering temperatures and pretend to be cold in pics...thus the hot coffee scarves and boots that are all completely unnecessary)

Camo Skirt:  Thrifted (Old Navy)    Scarf: Old Navy (One of my favorite pieces ever)
 Sandals: Target     Purse: Thrifted Old School Coach ($20!!)


 This is what I love about the current messy, easy fashionable world right now....
maxi skirts and messy hair are totally in. 
I take full advantage. :)
Heart Top: Ross     Red Maxi: Thrifted    Purse: Thrifted (Kenneth Cole for $10)     Sandals: Forever21

That's a Saturday for the books. Many more to come.

Stay lovely,
Court and Shan

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