Friday, October 5, 2012

Pondering Heart

Oh life, sometimes you are just...

Ever feel like life is a blur? That's me...right now.
Every night I fall asleep saying "I don't know what you're doing God, or why, or how. But I trust you."
I feel that I am on the brink of change.
God is moving, and I am ready.
Life will be very different in just a few short months, (but then again, isn't that always true??)

I am a picture taker, photographer, memory saver?...whatever, however.
I take pictures because they mean something to me...something more than a colorful snapshot.
Each photo is a moment in time that God created, beautiful and purposeful.
I love to capture the moments, or the details that others pass by without notice.

I was looking through a few pictures from my recent trip to Wisconsin and found one that I relate to right now.
This photograph was taken while driving through the most beautiful, lush forest.
The colors in the leaves were at their brightest.
That shade they turn where they are the most vibrant green.
When they are this color, you know what is coming.
Any day now something will happen that will cause that green to become yellow.
Fall is almost here.

The picture, although it looks messy and chaotic, it was purposefully taken.
I focused on one tree out of the bunch and tried to match the movement as we drove by causing everything else to blur, but the one tree to stand out.

How is that my life? I'll tell ya!

Like I said, brink of change...fall is coming.
And while this is a difficult time for me now, I know that the most beautiful season is on its way. :)
When you look at the photograph, it looks messy.
It is blurred, and difficult to determine what is important about it.
Yet at the same time, there is something beautiful there.
Something that captures your attention and makes you keep looking.
We, fleshy humans tend to hide our messes.
We don't like to admit that we are messy.
But God has purpose in the details of my life.
God's grace changes my mess.
He says, "You are messy, but I am good. When you invite me into your mess, I make it good."
So, just like this blurry picture...there is something absolutely beautiful and purposeful about my messy life....and that is God in it.

And while I took this picture, this is what I wore: :)
Skinnies - Ross        Boots - Last Chance (Steve Madden)      Poncho - Walmart      Head Scarf - Gifted

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