Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

The past month has been full of adventure for both Courtney and I. Courtney, as you read in the last post had the opportunity to visit her lovely parents up in Wisconsin. She got to soak in so many amazing memories with her mom and dad and take in the beautiful countryside :)

About the time she got home, I was packing and ready for an adventure of my own! Like I said, its been a busy month for the Loverly girls :)

1st Stop: Colorado Springs, CO 
I spent a few days in this beautiful mountain town with my parents just enjoying the views. Lots of beautiful landscape and new memories! One of the adventures we had was driving over to the Royal Gorge. Its this extremely breath-taking canyon and there is a bridge you can walk on from one side to the other. My mother declared right away that she would not cross the bridge; it was just too far down! She would wait for us to come back instead. So, my dad and I took off on our adventure across the canyon, and not two minutes later, there my mother was right beside us. She couldn't stand not to be a part of the adventure with us. What a sight it was too! Here are a couple pics of our adventures in Colorado!                      

                              The leaves were turning :)                                The view from Pike's Peak!
                                       My beautiful Mother on the Royal Gorge Bridge...Don't look down!!                                                                    
2nd Stop: New York, NY
Well, after a few days in the mountains, I headed for the city! My best friend from high school, Christina, has been living in the Big Apple ever since college. So I had the opportunity to spend a few days with her as well. We walked around, ate tons of amazing food, walked around some more and then ate dessert :) It was grand! Here are some highlights!

                          My first sight of the Big City!                  The Evening view from the city of Brooklyn :)
                                Gotta have my coffee!                         Such a lovely visit with a life-long friend :)

I had such an amazing time with all of my adventures. It is just so amazing to travel and see how diverse our world really is. From the breath-taking views of the mountains of Colorado all the way to skyline of the Big City. What an amazingly creative world we live in :)


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