Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stripes, Buns, and Liquid Liner

This week has been off to quite the busy start! The Christmas play at my church is in full swing and you know what that means?...the sock bun!
I thought of doing a series of posts called "A Bun A Day Keeps The Damage Away"...or the "12 Buns of Christmas"...something ridiculously cheesy like that...but I decided to spare you the awkwardness.
Instead here is one post of me and my sock bun. Although I get sick of wearing this for two weeks straight to avoid damage from a curling iron everyday, I do admit, I love how quick and easy it is to get ready in the mornings.
I brush, throw it in a pony tail, dampen and roll. Just like that I am ready to walk out the door.
This day was a particularly easy when it came to style. I found this adorable striped shirt at a thrift store last week. My first thought was to turn it into a scarf...but when I slipped it on I just couldn't cut into it! So, a shirt it shall stay!
The dress is also thrifted, originally from H&M. It is slightly longer in the back, which I love! And I threw on a black lace slip to peak out in the front.
Last but not least are my new shoes!! :)
This was a particularly fabulous little blessing from God last week. This winter when I pulled my winter boots out...nearly every pair was falling apart!  I couldn't believe that! I was a little dissapointed because, A. I love my boots and B. I cannot afford to replace all of my boots at once!
THEN I stopped by two thrift stores...and wouldn't you know, God blessed me with two pairs of beautiful new boots! One pair of chocolate brown leather boots, which I will show another day, and these beautiful black Sketchers (only $16!!)  My God takes care of me :)

Well, another bun, another day.
Happy Wednesday everyone!!

PS if you live in the area, come check out the Celebration of Christmas program and PFA! It's fabulous! Tons of amazing dancing, singing, camels, and a tiger and elephant! You definately want to see this! AND yours truly is dancing in the USO 1940's scene! Whoot!

 Here's a little promo:

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