Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Grateful Gab

I could write about the failed moments.
The disappointment.
The sad.
The difficult.
The ugly.

I will write about the victorious moments.
The hope-filled.
The joyous.
The inspiring.
The lovely.

I am grateful for the love of The Savior. That even on my worst day, His love for me outweighs everything.

I am grateful for the the beautiful flowers I saw as I walked into the mall yesterday. They were vibrant and glorious and brightened my day.

I am grateful for coffee. The warm cup in my hands is enough to make me smile before it even reaches my mouth. ( I sound like an addict...)

I am grateful for the moments when my spirit wins the battle against flesh. When I stand up to myself and am nice when I could be mean.(Even if they are not as often as I would like)

I am grateful for my family and the love we have for each other. I love the moments we share, the laughter, the tears.

I am grateful for having an hour lunch break to relax and refresh before more work.

            Yesterday for my lunch break I decided to go to the mall. Sometimes you just need to walk around the mall, with all of the Christmas music, and Christmas decorations...and coffee...It was beautiful! And just the ticket to brighten my day.

The beautiful flowers as I walked into the mall.


The beautiful necklace I wanted to buy Shan...too bad it was really expensive. :( Sorry Shan.

I guess I'll be Brittney today.

This is my new favorite way to wear scarves!
For this look: The sweater is actually a very bright orange. I love pairing one bright color with a black and white outfit. I was wearing a black maxi skirt with this look. For the scarf,  I tied two different scarves together to make it more bulky and interesting. I got so many compliments! No one knew it was two separate pieces!

That's it for today. :)


  1. Thanks for the thought, Court! I love the scarf combo too :)


  2. I like that you say you are grateful when your spirit wins over your flesh. I am trying to be more conscious of that--choosing kind words over words that might normally spill out of my mouth, you know?

    1. thanks Rachel! It's a constant battle isn't it? But the results, the fruit, are so great!