Thursday, November 29, 2012

And so it begins!

Hi Friends!
Well, as Court mentioned in the last blog, I made the move to Dallas this week! What an adventure this week has been too! 6AM Monday morning, my parents and I took off from Phoenix and headed out for the 16 some hours ahead through the beautiful landscape of Southern AZ, New Mexico and of course West Texas ( note my hint of sarcasm there). Here are a few pictures from my adventures!

Smiley pancakes at the Waffle House in Tucson.

These were some of the items that could be purchased at one of the random gas stations we stopped at once in Texas. It was pretty easy to tell we had entered the Longhorn State after this :)

 Funny Shannon story!!
I made a reservation for a storage unit last week for everything I need to store while I am living with my sister here in Dallas. My furniture that I needed to store is equivalent to about a one bedroom apartment. So I get here to Dallas, go through all the paperwork at the storage facility and follow the Storage guy out with my truck load full of stuff only to find that the unit I rented is none other than the picture to the left. FOLKS! This wasn't going to cut it! In my head, I pictured at least double this size so I just started laughing. Apparently, I wasn't paying attention when I picked the size of the storage unit. Oops! Thankfully, there was another unit that was the size I had in my head and all worked out well. I'm pretty sure, I am the only person in the world who would make this mistake though, so I had to share :)

Lastly, here is a picture of the street I live on for the time being. Being a native Arizona girl, I have never ever experienced any type of fall season, so these trees are really new to me! Our God sure is creative!

Leaving Arizona was so hard in the sense that I am so fully blessed there with amazing friends and family. But knowing that this move is something God had for me made leaving that much more sweet. To know that I have life-long friendships in Arizona and yet God still has more for me somewhere else is beyond incredible! He really longs to bless us beyond anything we could ever imagine. I am excited for what is to come and so blessed for what He has already given to me. Much more to come :)


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