Wednesday, January 21, 2015


It's funny to me that I can sit in the quietness of my home for hours with nothing to write at all. And it seems that no matter how hard I try to clear my mind of distractions, that is all there is. One after another, my mind is swiftly carried away into thoughts of every topic other than the one at hand.
Yet here I sit in a cold, tiled space surrounded by strangers and the words and concentration flow like warm honey. The lull of their ongoing conversations, clicking of their computers, occasional coffee grinder in the background...all of it a mere backdrop for a picture of words on this page.
Ease and comfort in the midst of this hustle and bustle life are the words tonight.
And it feels good.
And it feels right.
Maybe the point is that this is where the inspiration runs rampant. This is where God's heart the midst of His people. Lost and saved alike, here is the representation of Him on His heart beats and his lungs fill with air. His children. To be among them.
This week I was observing a family that was crying out to God on behalf of their son. He was inflicted by an illness, and they were calling on God to heal him. I prayed for the boy a heartfelt prayer...but then my eyes fell on the mother's tear stained face and my heart broke all over again.
I cried as she cried, my heart beating faster and faster as I saw her anguish over her son. She was desperate for God to move.
In that moment, I felt the Lord's heart for His children. I felt the power and vastness of His love. The anguish and compassion that comes from being so in love with that which He calls His own.
It is here among His creation that my heart beats. Here that I feel called and privileged.

"For God so Loved the world..."  and so must we.

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