Friday, August 3, 2012

Grateful Gab

 Grateful Gab for the week:

~I am thankful for friends that I can be myself around. The freedom to be silly is one of the best feelings I know...It is great to know that they will not think you're crazy and act like they don't know you in public when you start singing or dancing...they join right in :) Shan in particular puts up with my sillyness the most because she is my best friend AND has to live with me :) 

Now on to an outfit with a bit of my sillyness wrapped in one. 
The scoop: this particular evening there were people watching us take our pictures...awkward! So we were trying to keep ourselves from looking to serious and started making fun of ourselves. The first picture is me doing an awkward blogger you can see, it really works for me (not!).  Then came the awkward muscle pic in which Shan told me my "David" was coming ( I do not like the title of this video, but the video that inspired that comment is hilarious! Do watch!) ...I told her he was strong and handsome. It became quite the collection of silly pictures, but I'll spare myself the embarrassment of including anymore than these. :) Enjoy!

Polka-dot top: H & M      Red striped maxi skirt: Thrifted     Belt: Thrifted

And the more serious one :)

That's it for now!! Feel free to share what your Grateful Gab is!