Monday, February 11, 2013

Dear Monday,

Dear Monday,
   You’re not my favorite, although I think Tuesdays are worst.
Dear Rain, 
   You have made Monday brighter better.
Dear Bank,
   Your confusion is not helping my stress level…call me asap!
Dear Coffee,
   Thank you for the wake-up call this a.m., I am grateful.
Dear Friend,
   Thank you for making me feel known and special.
Dear Park with the Ducks, 
   Thank you for all of the lovely lunches.
Dear Pink (the color, not the person),
   Thanks for making my desk cheery and fun.
Dear Tazo Refresh Tea,
   Thanks for making the 2 o'clock wall a little easier to plow through.
Dear God,
   Thanks for the reminder that you are faithful, you are in control, and you are wonderful :) I love you, and 
   I trust you...thank you for another Monday.



  1. so cute!

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  2. love that sweater, cowl-neck! chic chic!