Friday, February 8, 2013


So, this is friday :)

Here is a look into our views on this lovely day.
I (shan) have fridays off so my day was spent doing very little really. I was home all day long and it was quite lovely. It's funny how as I grow up, I cherish the moments where my soul just gets to rest and relax more and more. Not having to be doing something or going somewhere all the time is quite nice. A few years ago, I would have thought that was so boring but not anymore :) Here is a glimpse into my day...

puppy dog moments & pancake fridays 
 quiet time & more pancakes...& coffee :)

walk with the new sneakers. spring is starting to pop up..slowly
 the tree still says its winter. but such pretty skies

Fish tacos...yum!
reupholstering some chairs. more to come on this :)
While Shan was enjoying her day off, I was instagrams are slightly less exciting, as I was staring at paperwork and a computer screen all day...what are ya gonna do? :)
I surround myself with hearts and the color pink at work :) And eat yummy breakfasts

My wardrobe today, comfy sweater, flower headband, and knotted Tee over a dress...
oh...and that's Cleff, my fish just because he's cute.
I ended the evening with Chinese and these two lovely treasures from Anna. :)

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