Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Happy New Year...
A little late? I know, I know....I sort of lost these pics for a bit. BUT they stumbled their way back into my hand this week and I can't not post...they are too fun not to.
This New Year some friends and I gathered at an apartment clubhouse for some good times. It was low-key and perfectly lovely. Here's a few shots from the night:

Beautiful Sister/Friend Dannie

Insta-friend Sheriesse...because our friendship took all of 5 seconds to develop!

How precious is he??? This is Bryce, he turned 5 Sunday! Happy Birthday Bryce!

My DIY feathers! I got the idea from this lovely lady here.

That's Kerri...isn't she GORGEOUS??!! Check her out here.

I think that reflecting on the New Year 2 months in is more helpful than on day one. I should save some of these photos for April and then do this again...na.

January seemed to fly by. February not so much. I am ok with it being short this year...most often that annoys me, but I am ready to say good bye.

The other day my dear sister/friend Dannie and I had a scary incident...then a few days later we had the most traumatic incident of our lives.  Just a few days apart!! Not right!
Anyways, I am just so amazed and thankful for the wonderful protection of our Daddy in Heaven.

A situation that could have been life altering, was not.
A fear that could have been paralyzing was not.
A memory that could haunt me will not.

A few nights after our experience I found myself having a little trouble sleeping. I didn't really want to go to bed to be honest. And I didn't like that. So I decided to read my Bible. I opened my bible up to Psalm 136 and the first verse I read was:

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. 
His love endures forever." 

In that moment God gave rest to my mind. He is good...and His love is enduring...through all things.
I went on to read the entire chapter as if it were my prayer. 

"Thank you Lord, you are so good. 
Thank you for your enduring love." 

Each thankful verse became my heart's prayer, my heart's delight. By the end of all that thankfulness, all of that praising the Almighty God for all of His Wonder and Power and Love... 
there was little room left for fear.   
What a blessing. 

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